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HypoVereinsbank Skyscraper in Munich: Mounting of two cranes on the HVB-Tower for the renovation of the façade

On Monday 24 June 2013, two cranes will be mounted on the HypoVereinsbank skyscraper in Munich’s Arabellapark. They will initially be used for the renovation of the tower and the refurbishment of the skyscraper’s façade and roofs through 2015. On Sunday night and the early hours of Monday, a truck-mounted crane will be set up on Arabellastrasse to assemble a crane on the tower during the course of Monday. The second crane will also be installed using this crane.
The reason for all of this is the redevelopment of the HVB-Tower in Arabellapark, Munich into a ‘green building’. The new façade elements of the building that has been listed since 2006 will be nearly identical to the existing elements, except for small openings added to the areas between the windows and façade panels to provide natural ventilation for the building.
Henn Architekten of Munich have been commissioned to plan the redevelopment including the renovation of the façade. In addition to planning the technical details, the architecture firm is also responsible for monitoring their implementation. The original architects, the Munich firm Betz, is supporting the project on a consultancy basis. Every detail of the planning will be carried out in close cooperation in with the conservation authorities. The aim is to create a high-quality working environment, taking all conservation aspects into account, as well as meeting the highest standards of efficiency and environmental protection.
The building will be completely renovated in two phases by 2018. Specifically the renovation of the façade and building systems will revolve around improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions, as well as creating a flexible and efficient interior design. In the process, every opportunity will be seized to optimise the existing building stock, reduce energy costs and make the building sustainable and environmentally friendly. The measures are estimated to cost around 250 million euros.

Building Facts & Figures:
Height of the building: about 114 m (374 ft)
Height of the cranes: about 118 and 125 m (387 and 419 ft)
Number of façade elements: Tower: 2,100 = 13,800 m² (149,000 sq ft)
South low-rise building: 600 = 4,800m² (52,000 sq ft)
North low-rise building: 500 = 4,000 m² (43,000 sq ft)
The other façade areas containing small elements will also be renovated.

Further Information about the project:

Press inquiries:
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