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Milestone: HVB-Tower façade completed

The completion of work on the façade marks the achievement of another milestone for HypoVereinsbank in its renovation of the HVB-Tower at Arabella Park. No changes are visible from the outside, as the work merely involved constructing small openings in the areas between the windows and the new façade panels. In combination with a novel window design, they will provide natural ventilation of the building, which has been listed since 2006. “Standing 114 m tall, the HVB-Tower has been a distinctive Munich landmark since 1981," says Peter Weidenhöfer, Chairman & CEO of HVB Immobilien AG. “Its traditional look remains the same, but inside everything will be of an innovative nature.” Interior work on the lower floors begins now.

Sustainable banking

The new façade was a crucial step in the path to a ‘Green Building’. “The HVB-Tower is an excellent example of HypoVereinsbank’s sustainability strategy,” says Heinz Laber, a HypoVereinsbank Managing Board Member and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of HVB Immobilien AG. "Climate protection is an important goal for us. Since July 2013, the entire banking operation has been carbon-neutral.” As part of HypoVereinsbank’s commitment to sustainability, HVB-Tower is being transformed into a Green Building that meets the requirements of a sustainability-oriented, environmental building strategy. Holistic planning ensures the best possible combination of space efficiency, economy, historic preservation, and sustainability. For example, C02 emissions are reduced substantially, energy efficiency improved through renovation of the technical systems, water consumption cut through use of rainwater, and heating and cooling requirements reduced by using geothermal energy.

Facts & Figures – HVB Tower Modernisation:

Construction time required for

2013-2015 Tower with low-rise and entrance building

2016-2019 Low-rise on north side

Completion of
Tower façade

approx. 2,500 façade elements replaced with new ones

approx. 6,000 aluminium panels cleaned and replaced

Height of bldg.

114 m, first building in Munich taller than 100 metres;

listed as a historic building since 2006

Average workers per day

approx. 300-350 construction workers


HVB-Tower is certified as a Green Building in accordance with LEED

Year of construction


Original design

Walther und Bea Betz Architects, Munich

Architect Modernisation

Prof. Gunter Henn, HENN Architects, Munich

Total investment

approx. 250 million Euro

Details and
photographs (for pictures, see gallery)