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‘Tradition, sustainability and future orientation’ are apt terms to describe the values and attitudes of HypoVereinsbank. Its former and new corporate headquarters, the HVB-Tower, reflects these strong values that shape the bank’s thinking and actions. 


Built about 35 years ago, the HVB-Tower was already listed as a historical building some 30 years later. For the owner of a building, a listing always means a special responsibility, which we gladly accepted – in two ways. First, we gave the HVB-Tower a contemporary interior and design and reactivated it as the bank’s headquarters. Secondly, we were always conscious of its importance in the cityscape. Our aspiration was to preserve the optical impression of the building shell in compliance with historic preservation concerns.


HypoVereinsbank has had a strong focus on sustainability for many years. Now, in line with the group’s objectives, we have transformed a listed building into one of the most modern bank buildings in Europe, and it even meets all the criteria for LEED Platinum certification. This achievement presented a unique challenge in many respects.

Future Orientation

Looking toward the future is easily done when you set eyes on the HVB-Tower. It still looks as futuristic today as it did 35 years ago, and will probably still be a fingerpost to the future in all its uniqueness 35 years from now. Depending on the weather, the façade shimmers silver, white or blue through its aluminium-shell, and in the mornings and evenings even glitters in gold or red hues. The building’s extroverted shape with the unusual composition of elements, and its unique statics and support structure give the HVB-Tower a leading-edge aesthetic that did not simply follow the architectural fashions and the zeitgeist, but helped to shape them. 

The HVB-Tower not only symbolises abstract terms like tradition, sustainability and future orientation, but literally makes them visible and tangible.

Impressions after restoration