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Year of construction1975-81
Original architectsWalter und Bea Betz Architekten, Munich
Building ownerHVZ GmbH&Co. Objekt KG
Building typeAdministrative building with conference zone, trading floor, data centre and company restaurant
Building height114 m (374 ft.)
first building in Munich to exceed 100m in height (328 ft.)
Number of storeys27 above ground, 25 storey of usable floor space
4 underground
Floor areaapprox. 100.000 m² (1.1 million sq ft) net floor area
approx. 140.000 m² (1.5 million sq ft) gross floor area
WorkstationsHVB-Tower: 1,400 workstations
Complete site Araballapark: 3,800 workstations
Special features6 hanging floors in the Tower
(5th - 10th floors) suspended from a central support frame
Project scopeRenovate façade taking listed status into account
Renovate the building services
Implement a contemporary office space concept
Modernise the fire protection concept
Reorganization of logistic areas 'postal- and printing services'
CertificationLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum
Modernisation timeline2013-2015 Tower with south low-rise building and entrance area
2018-2022 North low-rise building
Total investmentapprox. € 250 millionen