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Flachbau Nord Energetically Refurbished

Over a period of around three and a half years, the north wing of the HVB Tower in Munich - which, like the tower itself, is a listed building - underwent cosmetic surgery, was completely gutted, and then refurbished to comply with energy efficiency requirements. This was an organizational tour de force, as it involved converting 23,000 square meters of space while the building remained in operation.
This is equivalent to the size of four to five football pitches.
All of the building’s workstations were ready for move-in in autumn 2022.

The climate-neutral footprint of the construction measures complies with the bank’s ESG policy: 90 per cent of the construction waste was recycled, and the construction work involved absolutely no pollutants. All of the lighting in Flachbau Nord is LED, and the green electricity for this is sourced from Stadtwerke München, the local public utility company. The roof is greened to avoid heat island effects. In addition, there are showers for employees in the sanitary facilities, providing an incentive for them to cycle to work if possible.

State-of-the-art building technology is used to save energy. For example, there is a centrally controlled zoning of the extremely efficient heated and cooled ceilings, the natural and artificial ventilation, and the LED lighting. The individual regulation options for lighting, temperature and sun/UV protection serve the comfort of the employees.

Potential savings of 19 % on electricity and 37 % on heating (district heating) are expected, meaning a roughly 37 % reduction in CO² emissions.

Peter Weidenhöfer, Head of Real Estate

“The refurbishment of Flachbau Nord completed the overall HVB Tower project.
We have been working intensively on the last construction phase since 2018 and are very pleased that we were able to hand over the rooms to their users on schedule starting in mid-June. A complete building revitalisation on this scale with the aim of both optimising energy efficiency and complying with all the requirements of historic preservation is a real challenge. We are glad to have mastered it to everyone’s satisfaction."

Boris Scukanek Hopinski, Chief Operating Officer COO

“For HVB, it is of crucial strategic importance to put sustainability into action in all areas. Naturally this applies to commercial space as well, and so we are pleased to be able to provide employees with the appropriate space at our corporate headquarters. The new building is now being filled with life and we hope that everyone will feel very comfortable in it.”


Facts and Figures

Year of construction1978
Original ArchitectWalter und Bea Betz Architekten, Munich
Building owner HVZ GmbH&Co. Objekt KG
Type of buildingAdministrative building with business area, listed since 2006
Workplacesapprox. 1.500
Office floor spaceapprox. 23.000 m²
Scope of renovation

Renewal of the façade with special consideration of the protection of historical monuments
Renewal of building services engineering
Implementation of a contemporary office space concept
Implementation of energy-efficient and modern retail/trading areas
Modernisation of fire protection concept

Renovated2018 - 2022